Protection of all Major Metals and Alloys

Steelgard Export

Steelgard Export info (in PDF Format)

In the past, the prevention of corrosion of metal parts and machinery destined for export, or subject to long periods of storage under adverse conditions, has been a fairly crude affair.

Until now, those responsible for ensuring that goods are delivered to the customer in perfect condition have been stuck (sometimes literally!) with thick heavy difficult-to-apply coatings of variable and often poor quality.

Following years of research and field trials, Vapor-Tek have developed the solution in the form of Steelgard Export.

Steelgard protects all major metals and alloys, is easy to apply, spreads and penetrates, is water displacing, neutralises fingerprints, coats complete assemblies, protects the whole thing, saves time, assists with quality control.

No More Sticky or Messy Coatings

Steelgard Export’s thin and transparent film affords a much higher level of protection than the old-fashioned methods involving thick heavy coatings which can be difficult, messy and time-consuming to apply – and even worse to remove.

The Messy Way

The Steelgard Way

Steelgard GP (General Purpose)

Steelgard info (in PDF Format)

A premium product manufactured to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defence Standard DEF.STAN. 68-10 (PX-24) (issue 3, flash point 40 deg C) and NATO CODE C-634.

It is approved by leading British and foreign aerospace, engineering and government organisations (details on request).

Steelgard GP is an excellent corrosion preventive with very efficient penetrating and water displacing properties.

It is easy to apply and remove (when required) and economical in its use (covering 120+ square metres per litre).

Steelgard GP has been formulated to protect all metals – ferrous and non ferrous – and is particularly effective in combating the corrosive effects of acid fumes, salt water and other corrosive vapours.

May be used on most electrical equipment.

Also available in the form of aerosol for general maintenance purposes.

Steelgard 521

A very high quality product manufactured and approved to meet the requirements of Ministry of Defence Standard DEF.STAN 68-10/05 (PX-24) (60 deg C flash point) and the NATO Code C-634.

Like Steelgard GP this product is an excellent thin film, water displacing, corrosion preventive.

Approved by leading British and foreign aerospace, engineering and government organisations (details on request).

This product is also approved for use within the Royal Navy submarine fleet.

Ministry of Defence Defence Standard 68-10 PDF

Steelgard TD

Similar to Steelgard GP but leaves a thin, touch-dry, non-oily film for better handling and presentation. The non-tacky film will not gather dust or debris.

Steelgard Universal

Similar to Steelgard GP in most properties, but gives extra protection to non-ferrous metals. Excellent for electrical equipment and other complex mixed metal items and assemblies.

Steelgard SX

Similar to Steelgard GP, but giving a less oily film and slightly stiffer coating which will withstand short exposure to direct weathering, eg during loading and unloading of goods, brief outdoor storage, etc.

Also gives improved acid fume resistance.

Steelgard RP Grease


Steelgard RP Grease is a blend of organic inhibitors in a highly refined mineral oil.

Also Incorporated are oxidation inhibitors, age resistors, penetrating aids and metals’ deactivators.

Corrosion tests clearly demonstrate that both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are protected against salt water, high humidities, acid pollution, galvanic and crevice corrosion.

The degree of protection is of a much higher order than that found with conventional greases.

The composition is both pseudoplastic and thixotropic and has a controlled degree of syneresis.

The combination of these properties give Steelgard RP Grease quite unique rheological properties, which are ideally suited to corrosion prevention in extreme circumstances and environments.

The unique combination of properties of Steelgard RP Grease, in particular its penetrating and lubricating properties and its ability to protect a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals against all forms of atmospheric corrosion, suggests that it has uses in many areas of corrosion prevention.

Some possible fields of interest are proposed below:

  • Underground electricity cables, fibre optics and aluminium sheaths.
  • Coiled tubing, valves and other components within the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Steel stay wires for poles.
  • Conductor and cable accessories such as clamps, insulator pins, bolts and fasteners.
  • Cables (other than electricity supply industry) e.g. railways, mines, communications, bridges, ships, cranes, lifts.
  • Export packing of machinery & metal parts- Which are subject to high humidity & salt water.
  • Lubrication and protection of gears.
  • Transport, e.g. caravan and trailer couplings, connectors (especially where dissimilar metals are in contact)
  • Marine applications, e.g. wire ropes, winches, deck equipment.
  • Port & dock installations and equipment.
  • Chains – fork lifts and their chain drives in aggressive environments.


Functions in a manner similar to Vaporol, but uses water in place of oil as the “carrier”. Its uses include preservation of items such as pumps, fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, boilers, pipework, heat exchangers and hydraulic systems.

Also finds use in the prevention of corrosion of packaged metal parts during storage and transportation.

Aquatest MP

For use during pressure and flow testing. Used in diluted form, usually 1% to 2% in water to render it harmless and non-corrosive to most ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys.


Paper impregnated with vapour-phase inhibitors of corrosion used as a wrapping material for the protection of metal parts, avoiding the need for protective surface coatings. Examples include certain precision metal parts, surgical steel blades, bearings, needles, screws, food equipment, etc. Nitrite-free.


See our page on Vaporol.

Special Formulations

Unusual problems of corrosion call for “unusual” solutions. In instances where there is no appropriate product in our standard range, we can draw upon our wide experience of corrosion problem-solving to formulate special materials to suit the circumstances.


Most products can be supplied in concentrated form, to be blended with oil and/or solvent by the customer.

This is especially useful for overseas customers since it greatly reduces freight costs.

Full blending & mixing instructions available.


All Steelgard products and Vaporol can be aerosolized.

In particular, Steelgard GP which is available in 400ml aerosols as a stock item. This product is an excellent maintenance and penetrating fluid which is superior in performance to its rival products.

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