Rust and Corrosion Prevention

for Metal Parts Storage and Transportation

VCI Inhibitors: VPI and VCI

Combined VPI (Vapour Phase Inhibitor) and Contact Inhibitor Oil – a unique solution that gets to the very heart of the problem of corrosion in unseen areas.

With ordinary preservative oils, all surfaces have to be completely coated. This is often difficult and sometimes impossible. Even when possible, the oil will eventually drain away with consequent loss of protection. Vaporol has only to be present in the tank (or any enclosed system) – the vapours do the rest. With more complex structures such as engines, gearboxes, etc, this means that the awkward and difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies can easily be protected.

There are many benefits in using Vaporol:


A little goes a long way. Also, since application is generally quick and simple, the time and labour saving can often more than offset the entire cost of the material.


Many years of experience with Vaporol has proved that it is a reliable, fast acting (matter of minutes) and long lasting (years in many cases) means of protecting internal surfaces and mechanisms.


Vaporol is nitrite free and does not contain any volatile solvents or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) damaging to the environment. No chlorinated substances or heavy metals are present. See Also Main Entry:  “Environmental Protection


Vaporol is compatible with petrol, diesel, fuel oils and most lubricants. Therefore there is generally no need to remove Vaporol when equipment is put into service. This both saves time and allows equipment to be available for instant use – clearly important in the case of such items as military vehicles, rescue equipment, stand-by generators, seasonal equipment (including marine), etc.

Some synthetic oils, especially those based on polyglycols, may not be compatible – if any doubt exists, please consult us as we can usually formulate special products to meet specific requirements.


Functions in a manner similar to Vaporol, but uses water in place of oil as the “carrier”. Its uses include preservation of items such as pumps, fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, boilers, pipework, heat exchangers and hydraulic systems. Also finds use in the prevention of corrosion of packaged metal parts during storage and transportation

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